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Coming up at the Pamflet Salon in August: BIRDS IN THE WOODS

gone-to-the-forestJoin us at Drink, Shop & Do for our next two summer salons! Scroll down to the end of the post to buy tickets.

On Monday 5 August from 7-9.30pm we host BIRDS IN THE WOODS: Pamflet Salon with Katie Kitamura, author of Gone to the Forest and Evie Wyld, author of All the Birds, Singing.

51+qziASQxLWe are thrilled to have New York-based art critic and author Katie and Granta Best Young British Novelist and South Londoner Evie as our first ever novelist-guests at the salon. They’ll read from their latest, critically-acclaimed (see below) books and will join us for a Q&A. In the second half of the evening we’ll have a book club discussion on Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea, a personal Pamflet favourite which was inspired by Jane Eyre and was first published in 1966.

Praise for Gone to the Forest: ‘Kitamura’s second novel has shades of Coetzee and Cormac McCarthy, with a compelling power all her own.’ Guardian / Gone to the Forest is darkly seductive’ Vogue / ‘Bold and hauntingly beautiful’ Observer / ‘Magnificent’ FT

Praise for All the Birds, Singing: ‘Her writing is precise, intense, haunting and poetic.’ Sunday Times / ‘Wyld is fearless’ Telegraph / ‘A hair-prickling thriller. It’s the quality of Wyld’s prose that really blows your mind.’ Metro / ‘Outstanding’ Spectator

Tickets for the August and September Salons are on sale now at £11 per event or £20 for both. Price includes Drink, Shop & Do’s divine wine and cake and you can read about what happened at our previous salons hereIf you have any problems using Paypal to purchase tickets, please email us at [email protected]


The last thing I will write about feminism on the Internet for a long time (probably)

picI’m sick of virtual feminists. The chatter, ugh, the chatter. On blogs, on Twitter, talking and ranting and squabbling – it’s exhausting. What do you think of Lean In? What do you think of the demise of More!? I need to turn the noise down.

I have much more time for do-ers – women who actually put their money where their mouth is and invest time in action. And yeah, you know what, that includes me. I volunteer each week at my local Brownie unit – oh who am I kidding, I’m the freaking BROWN OWL! And that matters – I’m proud of what I do because it’s tangible, and tons of other women are doing similar things.

Actually investing their time, emotion and imagination in helping young girls and women grow in confidence and realise their potential. Not lamenting the plight of girls in our over-sexualised culture on Twitter, but, y’know, spending time with them, talking to them, doing activities that build their self belief and skills.

Not moaning about how evil glossy mags are, but actually offering an alternative through their own creative, intelligent, witty zines and blogs. Not getting caught up in an endless, pointless analysis of another columnist’s latest ‘controversial’ pronouncement, but going into schools and talking to girls about the realities of their potential future careers – giving them ideas and hope.

Not stating the bleeding obvious about sexism in the music industry, but setting up after school rock clubs for girls so they can take control and be heard.

Those are the women I admire. Take your finger off that retweet button and in the wise words of Why Don’t You…?, go and do something less boring instead.

REVIEW: Just Sew Stories by Katie Allen

Yes I am one of those people. I have a lot of crafty books on my shelves – I love them, they’re always all gorgeous and hardbacked and glossy in a kind of 80s magazine-annual kind of way that I find utterly irresistible I had to make room for one more this week because friend of Pamflet – lifelong crafter (‘I come from a family of DIY-ers’) and web editor for We Love This Book and The Bookseller by day – Katie Allen’s first book, Just Sew Stories: 25 Spectacular Crafty Gifts to Sew was published by Hardie Grant (who also made the fabulous WAH Nails book).

Styled-up with a zine-aesthetic in mind, the layouts combine collage, illustration and plenty of portraits  by photographer Leonie Morse (who also worked with Katie on her alternative ladies’ mag Fat Quarter and took our official pamfpix) as well as stills of Katie’s own scrapbooks help to set the mood.

Although I love the lifestyle and wholesomeness that DIY books reassure you can soon be yours, my actual crafting abilities are minimal (in spite of several rounds of intensive sewing lessons) so as I paged through JSS tentatively looking for the ‘easy stuff’ I was not disappointed to find a few projects that might not stretch my resources and capacities too far. There’s only room for one crafty lady in this partnership I’m afraid (Brown Owl Phoebe. Not me).

So/sew when I have an afternoon, these are the projects I’m definitely going to think about making – the leopard sewbox is waiting…

  • Make-your-own cards that would cost about £3.95 in Scribbler
  • Hankies with silly phrases like ‘boo hoo’ embroidered on them
  • The cat cut-out soft toy for anyone whose landlord won’t let them have a real one
  • And who could resist a set of feminist icon cushions? (see below)

Appropriately, Just Sew Stories launched to the sound of some grrrl-noise and scissor-snapping on Monday night at a new monthly clubnight at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen Violet Noise which Katie’s co-running, more info here.

Port Eliot in pictures part one



"Vogue loves...Indie mags: Hogarthian graphics and modern feminism from Pamflet"

"It makes me feel less despair to know that somewhere deep inside the Jordanization of modern Britain there are still a few angry feminists out there." Zadie Smith

"Pamflet is the photocopy-quality soapbox for two young, sarky post-feminists from London who want women’s rights and the right to wear pretty things, and want it, like, yesterday." Sunday Times Style

"They’re funny and honest and write about fashion with feminism so I’m obviously all over it." Tavi