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AWESOME! I’M IN MY TWENTIES: dancefloor dispatches

We hosted the London launch party for New Yorker Emma Koenig’s FUCK! I’m in My Twenties on Thursday night at Drink, Shop & Do and want to thank the lovely and lots of fun 20-somethings Tina Mories and Maddy Hall from Chronicle Books for inviting us to get involved.

We also need to thank Jessica Riches, George Langfordand Emmy the Great who spoke very insightfully and wittily about their 20s, (inspired by FIIMT) at the salon section of the evening upstairs in the Dome Room. Also T4’s Georgie Okell and best friend Verity Douglas plus George L who djed downstairs while guests supped on 1/4 Life Crisis cocktails, a divine concoction dreamed up by DSD’s best drinks magicians.* We were lucky enough to have the artist and now graphic novelist Karrie Fransman on-site to illustrate events and also supervise the FUCK/20s pinboard (see below) on which partygoers shared their innermost 20-something secrets (drunken accidents, flashing, diets involving guacamole, Marlboro lights & sweets etc) on multi-coloured cards with felt-tips in what I’m sure were moments of great emotional catharsis! Thank you to everyone who shared their very special stories with us.

We made a special issue of Pamflet to give out on the night and photocopying the scrappy little thing (at just 7 A4 sheets, it’s only 70% the size of regular pamf) made us think that we might like to make one more – MIGHT. Photocopying and folding and stapling all the copies of issue 12 made us remember why we stopped doing it – zines are seriously labour-intensive, but  also how Pamflet started and how with the zine we can do/say/be something that we can’t replicate on the blog…

So look out for further updates on the print-front very soon and in the meantime enjoy Emma Koenig’s message all the way from the USA to LDN partygoers here.

*The 1/4 Life Crisis: vodka, cherry gomme, ginger gomme, lemon juice & apple juice served in a martini glass. I can confirm that this is both DIVINE and LETHAL.

PIX (top>bottom): partygoer pinboard; balloons; Phoebe & George in the DJ booth; Kim, Maddy & Tina from Abrams & Chronicle Books; retro stereos on the wall in Drink, Shop & Dance.

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