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PAMFLET in the summer issue of PLECTRUM

we’ve guest-edited the review section in the july/august edition of london/brighton arts and literature magazine PLECTRUM. thanks to editor guy sangster-adams for inviting us to share our current pamflet likes in the pages of PLECTRUM!

buy a copy from their website and find out what we have to say about the upcoming le tigre documentary, teenagers in tokyo, the london ‘lit-scene’ and more…

in good COMPANY //magazine MAY 2010

i was interviewed about pamflet for this year’s readers-only (model-free! imagine) issue of company magazine and photographed with spare rib co-founding editor marsha rowe too. i’ve been to so many things at the women’s library where spare rib contributors have spoken or the mags themselves have been on display and i am a big big fan.

the feature itself (by Lena De Casparis) is a well-researched and inspiring report on contemporary feminism which – YES – makes it sound pretty fun. we’re so pleased to have been involved alongside women like Jess and Catherine from The F Word, Kat Banyard of UK Feminista and Jessica Valenti of Feministing.

Oh – and just in case you’re wondering, i no longer wear the lime green tube dress! (not for political reasons though).

Phoebe on girls playing computer games in the Times!

I wrote this article about women who play computer games and it got published in the Times last week! I am SO happy to see it in print because I interviewed some amazing women – the legendary Felicia Day from The Guild, C4’s Alice Taylor, the Got Girls guild in the US and the lovely girls from World of Warcraft’s HELKPO guild, Erla, Sheena and Jenny.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive which is so encouraging for me as a writer – to know that there is an audience for positive features celebrating good things, and if I write about stuff I care about, it will do well!

Here’s my World of Warcraft article in the Times.


we’ve written a short response to the question that keeps us awake at night ‘is fashion feminist?’ the new issue of elle collections (out now). we’re on the first page at number 4, before elizabeth wurtzel and vivienne westwood amongst other very interesting ladies!

P.S. JUST IN CASE YOU DON’T HAVE SUPERHERO VISION, HERE’S WHAT WE WROTE (pretty much, or the longer version).

We’re not ashamed of either F-word – fashion or feminism. For us it means finding your own style, not following trends, and having a healthy body and beauty attitude. Fashion prettifies the everyday world and it’s as valid a form of self-expression as music, art or literature. Taking pride in how you look shouldn’t be dismissed as trivial (in WW2 upping the glamour was part of the war effort!)

From Elizabeth I to Lady GaGa, strong women know the power of an iconic outfit. And we shouldn’t ignore feminism’s influence on fashion either – since the ’70s right-on ladies have used their get-ups to get noticed and inspire designers. Look at Vivienne Westwood’s punk entrepreneurship, Courtney Love and the ’90s riot grrrls and Chicks on Speed’s DIY dresses in the ’00s. And don’t forget that some of the best professors at our top fashion colleges are those old school ’70s sisters who know that students need to understand women before they can dress them.

Women rule the fashion world from top to bottom – editors, designers, celebrities and us – the consumers – have control. As with every other multi-million pound global industry, fashion isn’t always female-friendly (if only more women in the industry would acknowledge our debt to feminism – thank you Lorraine Candy), but we have the power to change that, by spending responsibly and thinking ethically.

Whether you wear miniskirts or dungarees (or both), the point is feminism has brought us to a place where we can choose. We must never lose that freedom to dress as we like and can’t let fashion become a divisive issue within the feminist movement – there are far more important causes to fight for.

And here’s someone awesome who feels the same…


WOW, how much fun did me and phoebe have on the internetradio?? i felt like beyonce on tour with my mega-all-lady-crew! [i’m not-i’m not a diva] we’ll post a link to the show later today when it’s available and you’ll be able to hear all the girls, all the chat, all over again!

in the meantime, here’s what we played, in order:


1st half/chat:
No Doubt – Just a girl
gossip – heavy cross
yyys – heads will roll
ludella black – ive just seen a face
Hole – celebrity skin
cocknbullkid – i’m not sorry
miss kittin & the hacker – walking in the sunshine


2nd half/pamflet mix:
Shangri las – give him a great big kiss
Bananarama – Robert de niro’s waiting
joan baez – fountain of sorrow
Angelica – teenage girl crush
kenickie – come out tonight
Elastica – stutter
Dead Disco – automatic (raufast’s dark disco mix)
juan maclean – one day
Fan death – veronica’s veil


woman’s hour, here we come! hehehhe


"Vogue loves...Indie mags: Hogarthian graphics and modern feminism from Pamflet"

"It makes me feel less despair to know that somewhere deep inside the Jordanization of modern Britain there are still a few angry feminists out there." Zadie Smith

"Pamflet is the photocopy-quality soapbox for two young, sarky post-feminists from London who want women’s rights and the right to wear pretty things, and want it, like, yesterday." Sunday Times Style

"They’re funny and honest and write about fashion with feminism so I’m obviously all over it." Tavi