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The return of the Pamflet icons: peaches the musical et la nouvelle LP de miss kittin

I hung out with my favourite two bad-taste broads from the early 2000s last week: PEACHES at the Sundance Film Festival and MISS KITTIN launching her new album at XOYO. This was not a nostalgia-fest: what I love about them both is that while the electro-pop music they helped to invent over a decade ago is now the mainstream, they’ve kept it so so fresh, interesting, seedy, euro-cool and independent. They don’t make popstars like this anymore unfortunately…

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Pamf-LIT: Tavi Gevinson!

Pamf-LIT: Tavi G

Pamf-LIT: Tavi G

That’s right, we got the blogging wunderkind, indie teen queen and ed-in-chief of Rookie mag to tell us all about her literary life. Enjoy!

Do you read paperbacks or Kindle?

Paperbacks, though I kind of want a kindle because I would probably read more and then I wouldn’t have to stress about ugly covers (so petty, I know).

How do you organise your books?

One of my book cases just organizes them by size, but I have them scattered throughout the rest of my room by theme/color. On the shelf next to my bed I have the books that have basically taught me how to live and shaped my point of view more than any other, including everything from Rodarte’s book with Catherine Opie and Alec Soth to zines from Rookie readers to The Westing Game.

What’s the book you reread more than any other?

The Virgin Suicides.

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All this nostalgia for the ’90s is pushing me to the brink. I think the last straw was when Sophie Dahl made a Blur playlist for her (probably fake) dinner party on her cookery show cos, like, There’s No Other Way was totally the soundtrack to the ’90s, right? NO IT WASN’T! The sound of the ’90s was a gruesome mash-up of Chumbawamba, Mark Morrison and B*witched. I think every decade is 80% tragic and 20% cool, but the only bit that people choose to remember, reference and revive is that 20% (see: Blur).

Look at those quintissentially '90s eyebrows and that 'curtains' hair - see? not cool.

Look at those quintissentially ’90s eyebrows and that ‘curtains’ hair – see? not cool.

Tavi has tapped into this nostalgia for our teenage years – whether she meant to or not – on Rookie which is why she has millions of 30-something women as fans as well as her own peers. She presents a perfected version of teenagerhood where everyone is quirky-indie-cool in a wry, grungry, riot grrrl-listening, My So Called Life-watching way and those of us who wish our teens had been that cool lap it up.

That’s all very well. But let’s be real for a moment here: come on, admit it, the ’90s were a bit shit.

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A View From The Bridge (DJing at the Bust Craftacular)

Songs I played: Cranberries Be With You (this ACTUALLY MADE ME CRY IN THE DJ BOOTH), Bangles A Hazy Shade of Winter, St Etienne You’re In A Bad Way, Yeah Yeah Yeahs Zero, Read More…

DJing at Bust London Christmas Craftacular this Sunday. COME!

This Sunday I will be playing some Christmassy tunes at the legendary Bust Craftacular event in Bethnal Green. This crafting extravaganza has become a much-loved annual event and when you walk through the doors into the imposing Victorian hall to be greeted by the sight of swing dancers, cake stands and of course, all the delectable DIY goodies on the stalls, it really, truly feels like Christmas has begun. Read More…


"Vogue loves...Indie mags: Hogarthian graphics and modern feminism from Pamflet"

"It makes me feel less despair to know that somewhere deep inside the Jordanization of modern Britain there are still a few angry feminists out there." Zadie Smith

"Pamflet is the photocopy-quality soapbox for two young, sarky post-feminists from London who want women’s rights and the right to wear pretty things, and want it, like, yesterday." Sunday Times Style

"They’re funny and honest and write about fashion with feminism so I’m obviously all over it." Tavi