Lazy LFW Photo Post…

This was the general scene throughout London Fashion Week at the tents at Somerset House – wet, bleak and grey.

2Thankfully though, the weather being cold, rainy and generally miserable meant I got to wear my new APC coat – yay! (with Hobbs platform brogues, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag and Gap jeans).

This was on Friday, when I went to a couple of really interesting off-schedule shows. The first was Corrie Nielsen at the May Fair hotel. Corrie couldn’t care less about trends or what the general consensus is, fashion-wise – if everyone else is doing digital prints, or florals or whatever, she continues doing her own thing, oblivious to whether it fits into the zeitgeist or not.

That always makes her shows a visual treat, as she is a true modern coutourier, creating incredible shapes out of billowing, puffed and pleated fabrics – Duchesse silk, latex, you name it.

Then I hopped on a bus down Piccadilly to the Aldwych for Kilian Kerner’s presentation in the Palm Court at the Waldorf. With the champagne, ice cream and baby grand tinkling away in the background, all in the elegant setting of this beautiful white and gold space, it felt exactly like I’d stepped back in time to a debutante’s ball in the ’40s.

Models and mannequins were grouped together, posing exactly like bored or tired debs at the end of a long night of dancing with their ‘debs’ delights’. Just look at the pretty dresses – this is my kind of fashion, unashamedly feminine, glamorous and timelessly chic. Airy little strapless cocktail dresses, beautiful embroidery, stiff taffetas and rich silks…


On Sunday I headed over to Fashion Scout for London-based, Singapore-bored designer Eugene Lin’s show.


rebecca-and-sarahBefore the show started Rebekah Roy introduced me to the jewellery designer Sarah Angold. I have always loved perspex – in jewellery form and furniture – and her pieces are spectacular. Rebekah is wearing one from the Limited Edition collection Sarah designed for Topshop, and she is sporting one from her own line. This is one of the nicest aspects of fashion week – it might be tiring and frenetic, but then you get to meet really nice, interesting, creative people who are actually friendly!

Freemasons Hall is the ridiculously grand venue where all the Fashion Scout designers show their collections. It’s a warren of endless corridors, marble columns, chandeliers and stained glass windows – high camp and completely fascinating. I wondered what these two jazzy fellows felt about the fashion crowd sitting beneath them? Probably thought the frow was a tad underdressed compared to them…

The collection was slick and sporty with textured fabrics layered over each other in interesting ways. Searing tangerine orange, black and cream stood out in high contrast on the dazzling white runway (I love the Fashion Scout runway as the amazing light makes it so much easier to take photos.)


eugene1The End. (my brain is totally out of words this week.)

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Co-founder and co-editor of Pamflet. Bookworm, bluestocking, Brown Owl. Loves Garconnes style, reading, writing, ranting and raving. Gin snob.

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