Why NEW Pamflette Eli loves The Mindy Project so…

New Pamflette! Eli Akingbade

New Pamflette! Eli Akingbade

Eli Akingbade is the newest addition to the Pamfamily. A high school student who lives in London, she loves film, taking photos, Quentin Tarantino, travelling and discovering treasures in charity shops…  She’s kinda obsessed with America and New York especially. Check out her film blog  and fashion and musings here  and here

1. Mindy Kaling is an O.G!
Although O.G stands for ‘original gangster’, I use the term in this context because Kaling has replenished our impoverished TV sets with her sitcom The Mindy Project. The first season launched on Channel 4 in March and it’s amazing!
To say I’m smitten is an understatement. I feel like me and Mindy  think alike. Does that make her my soulmate? It’s so strange, like when she says something, I always know the reference she’s referring to… it be like a love letter.
The Mindy Project was something I just happened to stumble across on the TV and it’s had a fantastic impact on me. Why? It’s humorous, frank and when the lead character Dr Mindy Lahiri or the other characters  tell a joke, I always know the pop cultural reference they mean. Talk about weirdo… yes I get it every time. Moving on! It’s hard to explain, maybe it’s because I watch too many films and read too many books, but whenever it happens, it’s a strange coincidence that I feel good about.
2. Diversity!
In a world of Tina Feys and Lena Dunhams (two amazingly hilarious feminist women who are unique and among my inspirations, but in case you hadn’t noticed, they’re kinda white) it’s great to see a brown-skinned female in a lead role on TV, balancing out this lack of visibility to  some extent. Sitcoms should be diverse! Full of every colour, creed and waistline. I always seem to reap more from seeing  representations of women like myself on screen.
3. She has a cool job!
Dr Mindy Lahiri’s an obstetrician/gynaecologist. This is not just a cool profession,  it also breaks the  sitcom rules by giving the protagonist something other than a totally idealised occupation, say as a writer for Vogue or some kind of stylish Stepford wife. She goes against the norms by having a kooky ‘career’ job and still managing to enjoy life – even if it meant spending most of her twenties in medical school. Dr Mindy shows that knowledge is sexy and above all helps to instill realistic ambitions in other young women.
4. Romance!
Mindy’s able to delve into the harsh realities of dating in the show – take her ex-boyfriend, who dumped her and fell in love/married a Siberian girl who sold bagels. Eek. From what I have seen so far her lovelife can be described in one word – unlucky.
5. It’s even better than Girls
I would hate to turn my reasons for loving the show into a boring list of ’10 reasons why you should watch The Mindy Project’ so I’ll conclude by saying that  it has extremely clever writing and I daresay it is even better than Girls. If you are a feminist, you should watch it, and if you’re not a feminist you should watch it anyway because it’s simply hilarious. Through pushing the envelope, ( an obnoxious expression, sorry) Mindy Kaling has confronted traditional sitcom gender roles and the way women (and men) are portrayed on TV.
Fun fact: Kaling writes, produces, directs and stars in The Mindy Project, has written a few books and is the first South Asian to have her own show in the USA.
So, it’s official, I want to be like Mindy Kapling when I grow up!
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Co-founder and co-editor of Pamflet. Bookworm, bluestocking, Brown Owl. Loves Garconnes style, reading, writing, ranting and raving. Gin snob.
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Co-founder and co-editor of Pamflet. Bookworm, bluestocking, Brown Owl. Loves Garconnes style, reading, writing, ranting and raving. Gin snob.

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