Style Maven: Mary Lennox

Probably a bit weird to admit to being inspired by the style of a fictional nine (or ten or eleven) year old (?) but… I’m cool with it. Mary Lennox is like, a total style maven and just because she’s little doesn’t mean she ain’t got serious fash-pizzazz. She’s peter-pan collaring all over the countryside; charming robins, be-friending gardeners and scolding invalids: “You’ll scream yourself to death in a minute, and I wish you would!”

Exhibit A)

Bangs + Turtleneck = Cool Cat

Bangs + Turtleneck = Cool Cat

Rocking a totes-Alexa navy blue polo neck and frizzy fringe combo – complete with challenging glare. “Yes Dickon, of course my sweater’s cashmere. From Kashmir? Obviously. Now let’s go and look at MY GARDEN” *stamps foot*

Exhibit B)

what did you say about my hat?

I’ve. Got. My. Eyes. On. You. Statue.

Russet Tam o’Shanter? Check! A fitting accessory for admonishing statues. See how it lends some serious gravitas to her ensemble? This is the perfect accoutrement for secret garden discovery (I have one in emerald, or should I say THE Pantone colour of 2013 #natch).

Exhibit C)

hello sailor

hello sailor

Er… nautical. #nuffsaid

Exhibit D)

you don't mess with Mary

you don’t mess with Mary

A totally otm lace collar in manner of super-cool, Edwardian goth. It’s Clemence Poesy meets Florence Welch and I hella like it – particularly when accessorised with pinned up hair and glower.

See? She’s one clothes-savvy almost-adolescent with co-ordinating attitude and complete inability to control her temper, ie: ultimate best friend material.


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