Guestpost: ‘Did anyone, last night, you know… did anyone… burst into song? ‘

Kate Nash and Emmy the Great present Once More With Feeling

Disclaimer: Before you read this I think it’s only fair that I let you know that I’m a renowned pusher. At last count I converted 9 people into Whedon junkies and I have a feeling after this the stakes are pretty high to make double figures.

All Hallow’s Eve is typically a night where I buy a pumpkin with the  intention of carving a masterpiece but end up eating too many treat bags of Haribo which I’m forced to digest boa constrictor-style on the couch. Every year I toy with the idea of going to a masquerade ball but quite frankly I am terrified of clown costumes parading themselves up and down the city so generally I put on the beloved Hocus Pocus and call it a night.  To be fair it can be a challenge to get me out at all in the winter months as I tend to hibernate and wallow in the warmth of the inaugural Buffy re-watch.

That was until something broke my spinster cycle, something rather magical… Kate Nash and Emmy the Great hosted a Once More With Feeling sing-through and my face still hurts from smiling for 3 hours straight. (A night that was born out of Emmy and Kate being drunk one night watching Buffy and tweeting Cher.  True story!)

In an attempt to show off my Sunnydale stripes I donned a lacy white dress, pulled my hair half up and voiced a ropey Cockney accent. Plan foiled when the FX fangs I bought wouldn’t fit over my piano key teeth and consequently ended up looking less like Drusilla and more like Dawn. No matter, I soon got over my desperate plea for perfection while I queued up the stairs at the Hackney Attic as I realised ‘I wasn’t crazy, I wasn’t dreaming (I wasn’t marrying a demon)’ I was at The Bronze.

As soon as Emmy ran backstage to change up the Rocky Horror Picture Show music to the Buffy original soundtrack I regressed back into my 14 year old self dancing in my room to Wild Horses wishing I had *that* dress for my prom.

I totally lost it when Cibo Matto came on over the speakers who contrary to Rosenberg belief cannot clog dance. Award winning season 6 musical episode aside one thing that has to be said for the show, above and beyond the female empowerment, is that it was the first US series to showcase upcoming or underground bands allowing them to perform within the narrative. Even if you’re not a fan of the Whedon wit you should definitely check out the two official soundtracks and discover some great tracks my personal favourite being Devics’ Key:

Snapping up a second row seat I anxiously waited for the show to begin, getting increasingly frustrated that my boyfriend, dressed as a very convincing Rupert Giles, repeatedly slapped me on the forehead with his cardboard cross shouting “Burn Dru, Burn”. (My frustration had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that his costume was way better than mine.)

I was there too! Here’s me trying to look a bit like Cordelia, and wearing ‘costume’ ie my normal clothes because they’re all actually from the ’90s – phoebe

The lights dimmed, the muted Buffy episode faded and onto the screen popped a filmed intro from no other than Nicholas Brendon. I will hand over to Emmy to tell you how they tracked down the heart of the Scoobies:

‘THIS IS THE BEST STORY IN THE WORLD. Kate found out he was in London and got in touch and we drove straight from rehearsals to the hotel where he was staying, and got stuck in the hotel car park. When we finally got out we drove to the pub he was at but he’d left, so we drove back to the hotel car park and finally we met him and then all our dreams came true. I think he’s my best friend now I’m not sure but I think.’

(Now as Emmy and Nicholas are best friends I think there should be some sort of belated encore to which he comes along and performs the Snoopy dance.)

A platinum Kate Nash in a cheerleader outfit covered with Buffy weapons and Emmy the Great in a bright red wig and Willow-esque ensemble welcomed us to Sunnydale and completely rocked my world. They were joined by Kate’s friend Sam playing Giles, a rather spectacular performance from Kate’s friend Zac as the tap dancing demon Sweet and Luis from Shuga and Jamie T putting on his best ‘bad, rude, man’ persona as fan favourite Spike.

To see Kate spin around in near dance to the death breakdown of Something to Sing About and Emmy in an Anya bunny costume was not only hilarious but above all endearing. For a casual observer it may have been a tough call to get into, much like reading this review, which is shamefully riddled with an embarrassing amount of Buffy references.

Yes I watched it as a kid, I related, I read the continuation comics and I bought lookalike graduation day part 2 leather trousers. However now that Kate Nash and Emmy the Great have made their Buffy geekdom known perhaps they turned the Hellmouth on to a roster of new fans. Regardless the memory of moshing to the Nerf Herder theme tune will stay with me for a good long while so all I can say is thank you for the best Halloween treat a Buffy fan could ask for.

Emmy the Great loves Buffy because… “She keeps saving the world! She doesn’t want to but she knows she has to! She carries so much darkness and yet she’s this amazing leader to her friends. And because no one knows she’s the slayer she has to deal with all this stuff like getting in trouble for burning her school down, or not being able to finish her assignments, and you just wish and wish that people would get off her case. Her life is so hard as well – everything that happens with Angel, her family… it’s just endless, and yet she’s kind of cute and perky, and girly sometimes. And I love watching her grow through the seasons. One of the things that I loved about revisiting Once more With Feeling is remembering the huge turmoil of being brought back to life, which I think it probably the biggest thing Buffy truly ever has to deal with.”

Emmy’s favourite episode? Band Candy, because I love it when Principal Skinner says ‘Summer you drive like a sppaaaz’ and also I love sexy new-wave/ mod Giles.

Emmy’s Favourite character? OH MY GOD. I really can’t. I’m sorry.

Kate’s favourite character? BUFFY! My first feminist icon was Buffy – she took slaying vampires and demons as seriously as being a teenaged girl.

Tina loves Buffy because… all of the above

Tina’s favourite episode? Hush – even in silence Buffy speaks volumes

Tina’s favourite character? Clem

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Co-founder and co-editor of Pamflet. Bookworm, bluestocking, Brown Owl. Loves Garconnes style, reading, writing, ranting and raving. Gin snob.

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