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Welcome to our winter guide to what to wear/do/think/say NOW!

One hand in my pocket

Cloakroom fees, queues, too many layers of bulky clothes… going out in winter is such an ordeal and having too much stuff makes it feel even less worthwhile.  Now, as the chill hits town, leave your handbag at home and fill up your pockets. These capacious clothes-holes are the ultimate Ghostbuster blast in the face of the fading spectre of the OTT IT bag. Imagine Alison Mosshart grasping a clutch or Patti Smith swinging a tote – impossible, right? So do as The Chung or the Kangaroo and minimise your necessaries and simplify by going sans sac. What’s the point in pockets if you don’t use them? LIBERATION/HANDS FREE.

Number one CeeD: FUN IRONIQUE! ‘OMFG what’s that? A CD? Are they like from the 90s or something?’ CDs are the latest fad from everyone’s old favourite decade to make a welcome return to our pavement-catwalks and top decks of buses. At supersecret disused warehouse raves in Hackney (sometimes I worry that there are no used warehouses in Hackney) DJs have been mothballing their slotless Macbook Airs and charity shopping their vinyl to once again spin CDs as if they’re the new cassettes. Snap up a vintage CD walkman now and battery-up, girlfriend.


I’m late. I’m wandering about and look up at the nearest clocktower to check the time but of course it’s broken. Everywhere I go in London, it’s pretty normal to notice that wherever there’s a clock, it will be telling the wrong time. At St Pancras it’s always 12.34, at Harrow and Wealdstone it’s mostly 6.08. Bring our chaotic capital’s spirit of malfunction and timelessness into your wardrobe by clipping on chunky stopped watches that don’t work (but skinnify the wrist) and slinging  kaput timeface medallions around your neck in the style of a carefree Flava Flav. Check the time on your mobile phone if you must. CRAZY.

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