friday bits and blogs

Blogs>>> The week started with an evening at the January edition of the Oh My Blog workshop on Mastering Social Media hosted by‘s editor Cate Sevilla and guest mentor the Twitter/FB expert Mauricio Samayoa at the TechHub near Old Street roundabout. Cate and Mauricio each did slick, friendly presentations and there was an informal, supportive atmosphere (mmm wine) amongst the 20 or so bloggers in attendance meaning that everyone was happy to share their questions and knowledge with each other. I was scribbling away throughout, but the one thing that Mauricio mentioned that I remembered without looking at my pad was TweetStats, a tool which analyses your activity on the site. It’s a good way of checking how useful/effective your tweets are by collating data on your top @s and RTs. Made for some slightly terrifying stats when I checked ours but nothing unexpected!

After the workshop wrapped, we headed to the pub across the road for some proper chats and old fashioned social-networking (facetoface!). I’ll definitely be at the next Oh My Blog and have major respect for Cate – both for launching the fabulous Bitchbuzz and for sharing her expertise and connecting internet peeps through OMB.

Bits>>> Last year Phoebe and I were interviewed by Jade Warne, a features writer for Australian fashion magazine Shop Til You Drop about style zines and the piece has just appeared in the new issue of the mag. It’s always flattering to be included in zine features even after all these years, so thank you to Jade for contacting us. I’ll post the scans shortly, but in the meantime you can read them at Girl With a Satchel.

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