Phoebe on girls-dressed-as-boys in TWIN 3

We’ve been fans of TWIN for ages and so I’m thrilled to have a story in the third issue of this biannual ‘art, fashion and feminism book’. Features Director Aimee Farrell has been a staunch supporter of Pamflet for years – in her Vogue guise she got our humble pink publication onto the pages of that illustrious fashion bible.When I told her about my fascination with les garconnes – the Parisian women in the ’20s who dressed in masculine clothing to subvert social norms (and inadvertantly kickstarted one of the most enduring looks ever – the androgynous style beloved of everyone from Marlene to Madonna, Gaga to Katharine Hepburn), she asked me to write about it for TWIN.
I was more than happy to oblige and began researching the subject further, with the photo by Jaques Henri Lartigues (top) as my starting point. There’s surprisingly little out there about these fascinating women who ran the spectrum from Parisian socialites to suburban secretaries, but while playing detective I interviewed all sorts of cool people – Garance Dore for her take on the modern garconnes in Paris, the London College of Fashion’s Agnes Rocamora and academic Vike Plock to make sure I had the literary side of things covered.

But I’m not going to reveal too much – visit the TWIN blog for daily cool stuff and to find out how to purchase issue 3 featuring moi! //phoebe

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